Famous expert -- professor Samuel S. Mao visited Zhangyuan Tungsten


    On July 8, 2012, Samuel S. Mao, a professor from university of California Berkeley, director of the Clean Energy Project Laboratory, life-long researcher of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, chairman of International Materials Association and others visited Zhangyuan Tungsten, accompanied by Tu Huan, head of Innovation Support Department from Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee. Mr Huang Zelan, the president of the Zhangyuan Tungsten, warmly welcomed and introduced the company’s development, production output, production equipments, sales & marketing, and development direction in details. After that, Mr. Huang and Professor Samuel S. Mao exchanged ideas extensively, the professor highly praised the company’s development, and wished to strengthen cooperation with Zhangyuan Tungsten on clean energy technology and material industry.

    Professor Samuel S. Mao is the famous expert in energy engineering field, he has made remarkable achievements in advanced energy technology( semi-conductor illumination, solar energy, hydrogen energy) which he engaged in, and in cross hi-tech fields of ultrafast lasers and advance materials. In Lawrence National Laboratory from USA, he has led a team of 20 PhD students and post-doctoral researchers to support major projects in United States Department of Energy. He has been the director and chief scientist of hi-tech project which the United States and multi-national companies invested more than 10 million dollars in the past 6 years. In addition, he has published more than 80 papers in international famous academic journals such as Science, Chemical Reviews, which were cited more than 7,000 times by SCI and was authorized 12 international invention patents. He has been invited to make lectures more than 50 times in important international hi-tech and business development conferences from 2001, and acted as the chairman of international conference several times, and a member of Organizing Committee as well. Also, he was the member of many international famous journals’ Editorial Board and reviewer of more than 20 international magazines. He is one of the co-sponsors in international conferences on semi-conductor transparent conductive material, international Nano energy technology annual conferences, and international renewable energy seminars. Moreover, he is a member of Semi-conductor Illumination Technology Committee of the United States Department of Energy, and an evaluation expert for multiple independent funds such as the foundation of American DOE, DOD, NSF, national funds for Japan, Canada and other countries, and foundations of Walden International Investment Group, the Global Climate and Energy Project, and International Oil foundation. He received the 49th international technology innovation award (R&D 100 Awards) when he acted as the chairman in material science conference (MRS) which was hosted in America in 2011.