Reunion in the Top Exhibition --Achteck CIMES2016


    The 13th CIMES, has been held on June 22nd to 26th in Beijing. The exhibition is expected and supported by foreign and domestic manufacturers, equipment users and foreign trade corporations. After development of 20 years, CIMES has been internationalized especially in 2016 with new environment, new concept and new action. Achteck brought new products to Beijing for the reunion in the top exhibition this time. 

    Based on exhibition experiences, we have collected and analyzed customers’ demands, shown new products and processes along with our own scientific and technological innovation. Our colleagues have explained and recorded upon all customers’ questions. As new in this industry, recognition from customer is our success. 

    Shaping the quality, shaping the future, with exquisite technologies, continuous innovation process, we focus on quality assurance, and never stop to pursue high quality products. Achteck inherits the first class operation spirit, adheres to the development road of self-innovation and industry-university-research cooperation, integrates resources and industrial advantages from Head Quarter, brings in advanced techniques and equipment, researches and perfects new products, and guarantees to provide good performance and stable quality products, for providing customers solutions in processing and technologies, realizing a win-win cooperation.


    CIMES has provided us a good platform to learn and communicate. Since global machining industry is being transferred to China, the current domestic tool industry is facing an unprecedented challenge and opportunity. Achteck will spare no efforts to advance with the times, use our own advantages to develop more products with own intellectual property rights and advanced level in the world. 


    We focus on producing cemented carbide inserts and tungsten deep-processing products. Achteck has made breakthroughs and success from difficulties relying on innovation concept, advanced equipment, leading technologies and experienced experts. 

    In this exhibition, Achteck grandly launched four groups of products: milling, turning, indexable drills and cemented carbide rods. As to turning products, Achteck grade AC250P/AC150P with PC3 chip breaker is the first reliable choice to all kinds of steel turning, with good chip breaking for medium and semi-finishing. 

    Characters of this type inserts

    Reliable and safe cutting edge combined with modified carbide substrates, which improved the strength of cutting edge, bettered abrasion performance in both dry and wet machining condition.


    As to CVD coating, it has good adhesion between substrate and coating layers, controllable MT-TiCN structure, a perfect combination of MT-TiCN with α- Al2O3 and preferred orientation growth structure of α-Al2O3.


    Special post treatment technology can control inner stress of coating and ensure smoothness of coating surface. Compared with products from other competitors, the quality is more stable and reliable with longer tool life.


    As to milling product, Achteck SNGX12/19 negative milling inserts made a good impression in the exhibition. This series milling inserts has two working faces with eight edges, which makes them economical. The edges are sharp and can machine fast. They can be widely applied in roughing, semi-finishing and finishing in milling steel and cast iron.


     Characters of this type of inserts

    (1) Chip breaker with super positive rake angle and high strength cutting edge. The edge is sharp.

    (2) Low power consumption and low cutting forces are able to acquire preferable surface smoothness.

    (3) This chip breaker can be used for machining steel, stainless steel, cast iron and difficult-to-machine materials.


    As to indexable drills, Achteck’s DP series is efficient and for short-hole drilling. It can apply to high-speed machining for short-holes with good smoothness. It could apply to construction industry, general machinery industry, energy industry and automobile industry. Square insert, strong drill body and enhanced chip breaker can acquire preferable straightness. Spiral slots have superior chip removal effect and higher precision. This chip breaker can be used for machining steel and cast iron.


    As to cemented carbide rods, relying on superfine tungsten carbide raw material from Head Quarter (Chongyi Zhangyuan Tungsten Co., Ltd), Achteck can produce different diameters (1.5-32mm) of rods by using advanced production process and technology. The inner structure of product is homogeneous and high density which leads to higher hardness and toughness. They are the promising material to make end mills, drills, reamer and other solid carbide tools.


    We did not only gained honors in this exhibition, but also received intention orders from customers all over the world.

    Shaping the quality, shaping the future. We are on our way!