DP Series Indexable Drills



Drilling Body Advantages
1.     Installed indexable insert with 4 cutting edge; the balancing cutting force from exactly layout of peripheral insert and center insert.
2.     Optimized chip flute has bigger space and smooth chip evacuation merits, which ensures the holder stability.
3.     Nickel-plated body improves wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and more attractive as well.
4.     Weldon shank ensures holder tightly installed on the machine by well location and fasten clamping.
Machining Diagram
Work piece with good surface finishing and straightness. It can also drill on ramp or uneven conditions.
Material Introduction
Coating type:PVD coating
High strength ultra-fine crystal carbide substrate deposited with TiALN PVD coating gets good combination property and chip evacuation; suitable for steel, stainless steel, high temperature alloy and cast iron machining.
Coating type:PVD coating
High toughness grade with TiALN coating is suitable for steel, stainless steel and high temperature alloy machining. Recommended for harsh conditions or chipping of AP301U.
Insert Chip Breaker Introduction
New Chip Breaker-DP:DP series is high efficiency drill with four cutting edges, and is suitable for shallow hole high speed drilling.
Square insert with strong cutting edge gets excellent straightness.
Optimized chip flute provides excellent chip breaking and evacuation.
DP series is suitable for steels and cast iron machining.