Our quality system is certified according to ISO9001-2015, and established a test and analysis center which with the most advanced machines and measuring system. To carry out the ISO9001-2015 quality management system, we designed a management system of ERP +MES, which with the function of the whole process quality controlling and production details managing, and it covers the whole process from raw materials, process-products, finish products and sales service. The whole process date could be real time collected, real time monitored, real time analyzed and adjusted, to keep the management of overall process of research & development, production, sales and each step of quality control in consistency and traceability, in order to carry out the quality control of all the processes.

 Full automatic saturation magnetization measurement system  German Ziess scanning electron microscope SUPRA 55  Coercive force measuring system
To be used in the measuring of the saturation magnetization of the cemented carbide, with which the measurement could be adjusted automatically according to the sample in high accuracy and sensitivity.

To be used in the scanning and analyzing of microscopic and element of products.

To be used in the measuring of Coercive force, with full automatic, easy operation, high precision and sensitive.

 Scratch tester.  FLC-Microscope of hardness measurement 50VX  Sukjin-magnetic saturation measurement system, SJ-SM-2000RB
To be used in measuring of strength of combination of coating layer, form of invalidation of coating, dimension of distortion of substrate, the measuring could be accomplished automatically by user-defined, the result is efficient and reliable. To be used in Vickers hardness measuring. Special used in measuring of saturation rods products, could be carry out consecutive on-line measuring.
 Olympus metallographic microscope  America LECO Carbon analyzer  PIGAKV X-ray diffraction system
To be used in micro-structure analysis of products To be used in carbon content analyzing of products To be used in composition analysis of products & coating
 PIGAKV X-ray fluorescence analyzer  Malvern Particle size analyzer  Microscope of hardness measurement
To be used in chemical composition analyzing of products and coating layers To be used in particle size distribution measuring To be used in coating hardness measuring




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