2018 ACHTECK Cutting Tool Company Global Seminar Report


  In 2018 ACHTECK global seminar

CEO Huang Shichun addressed speech

With United Efforts, Work For A Bright Future

Together develop and protect the national brand ACHTECK

Administration Yao Haibo reported

On Oct 17th, Achteck company has grandly held 2018 Global Distributors Seminar, 189 distributors came from more than 20 countries and areas attended seminar (29 distributors came from abroad). CEO Huang Shichun, senior managers and invited journalists joined the meeting.


On this day, many large poster boards can be seen both inside and outside of Jingjiang International Hotel. The very outstanding theme exhibition board “with united efforts, work for a bright future—2018 ACHTECK cutting tool global distributors seminar” stood in front of gate. Big advertisements of ACHTECK product on both sides of hotel corridor, the ACHTECK element was everywhere.  Also the ACHTECK plant was full of passions and joys covered by air balloons and flowers. Golden balloons, roses, blankets and painting board…, all represent the creative and active ACHTECK cultural color—orange, in everywhere.  


At 8:30 AM, the multi-function conference room was full of audiences. “2018 ACHTECK Global Distributors Seminar” was officially started. All distributors came from different places talked with ACHTECK management members about future development and win-win business  

During the meeting, MR Huang Shichun addressed the theme speech “With united efforts, Work for a bright future”.

Firstly, on behalf of all staff, he welcomed old and new distributors from the world to come this seminar. And thanks distributors’ support and help to ACHTECK

In the speech, he emphasized that company management concept “Benefit from Resources, Reliance on Technologies, Devotion to Humanity and Top with Trust”. 

He said ACHTECK benefits from the vertical integrated tungsten chain in the group and applied good quality powders made from head quarter’s tungsten concentrate, Achteck has fully adopted own advantages and improved research ability. At the same time, Acheck has continuously been optimizing and improving product performance, completing product range and providing better machining solutions to customers.

The company is developing by replying on the advantage of resource as well as technology. Meanwhile ACHTECK is being honesty and keeping commitment. This is the foundation of the company. No matter Zhanyuan Tungsten or ACHTECK, we hold “Devotion to Humanity, Top with Trust” as cornerstone of company development from begging to end.

To our employees, ACHTECK respect their efforts and creativities, and offer them comfortable working and living environment as much as possible. To distributors and customers, it is integrity first. ACHTECK respect them honestly and protect partners’ interest.

When talked about company future, he said ACHTCK will accelerate production expanding construction project of coated inset, carbide rod, in the meantime, we are also planning supporting project of holder, cutter, solid tool. Integrate resources and build completed production chain, provide more plentiful product items and series for you and to meet different machining requirement of customers.

When talking about sales cooperation, he pointed that in this Internet Era, traditional sales modes have been challenged and overturned. Playing alone is becoming more and more difficult. Everyone is a part of community of market interest, sink together or rise together. Hereby he sincerely hopes everyone could work together, respect and trust each other. He wants to work with all the people to develop new products and new technology, work to develop market to satisfy customers’ needs.

At last, he emphasized again and hopes everyone could treat each other honestly and trust each other. We could raise and protect Achteck Tool this brand. Work for a bright future with united efforts.

Mr Guy addressed speech and introduced basic situation of ACHTECK production. He introduced management target of ACHTECK:

1)    Establish Strong Partnership & Long term policy”

2)    Support Common Strategy & Actions plan Develop New Products & Market Share

3)    Continuous Quality & Consistency

4)    Insure profit for both Achteck and it’s Partners


Marketing VGM Zhou Qiang made theme report of “ACHTECK brand development plan” and specifically mentioned the short-term and long-term development target of ACHTECK brand.

Short-term target (till 2019): 1. Have completed distribution system which can cover global main market; 2. Standardize customer service system; 3) Initially build completed product series; 4)Initially have the ability of project-supporting. 

Mid-term target (till 2022): the image of “difficult-to –machine material expert”; 2. Build the image of “high-end brand from China”; 3. Cover all series and standards of cutting tool product, build completed hard alloy cutting tool family; 4. Be able to provide solution and compete with famous brand.

Long-term target (till 2030):1.Become a national brand; 2. Enhance the technical reserve and continuous innovation ability; 3. Provide whole series cutting tool product and various service.


During the meeting, two distributors from domestic and abroad address presentation. They showed confidence on ACHTECK development and expect ACHTECK push out more and better new product. Expend new market and enhance ACHTECK brand reputation, develop win-win business together.

Company product manager Xing Shenghua addressed new product presentation. He mainly introduced turning insert for stainless steel, turning insert for high temperature alloy, grooving insert,  AFM45-XN07/09 face milling cutter, ASM90-LN13 shoulder milling cutter .etc, and also gave specifically introduction of successful cases. 

After meeting , distributors went to ACHTECK plant and visited product exhibition room and production workshop and lab, and also watched the video of product test and process solution. Distributors acquired a deep impression of ACHTECK after watched production process, engineering technology, quality control and lab test in a close range.

On the night, ACHTECK held appreciation dinner and presented the prizes of “New product promotion”, “Best oversea seller” and “Best domestic seller”, etc.

In the dinner, the management team and distributors toasted to each other and wish bright future, promote relationships and wish “ACHTECK tool” become the first-class brand soon. In a happy and kind mood of “With United Efforts, Work for a Bright Future”, all agendas of “2018 ACHTECK global distributors seminar” were finished.