Zhangyuan Tungsten Ammonia Exhaust Gas Treatment Furnace Received the National Patent and Filled the Blank in China


    Recently, the State Intellectual Property Office has granted Chongyi Zhangyuan tungsten Co., Ltd. with utility mode patent certificate for its ammonia exhaust gas treatment furnace. It has filled the domestic blank of zero ammonia nitrogen emission for tungsten oxide production. This patent will save 1,000 tons of raw coal and reduce emissions of 1,500 tons of ammonia nitrogen.

    Burning APT in the rotary furnace will generate high-concentrated ammonia exhaust gas, which could not be introduced to furnace directly due to possible dangers such as tempering or blasting. It has negative effects to the temperature control of the rotary furnace. The company has invested more than 500,000 Yuan into technical reformation in the past year, and finally a stable, reliable, high efficiency and low energy consumption ammonia exhaust treatment furnace was developed successfully, and realized zero ammonia nitrogen emission.

    Using this utility mode patent technology, it is reported that NH3 can be decomposed and burned into two substances, water and nitrogen dioxide, releasing abundant heat at the same time. The heating element only need to ignite during the decomposition, then the combustion is kept almost without any cost, along with high efficiency and low carbon features, which shows good economic and social benefits.