Forty Projects in Ganzhou including Chongyi Zhangyuan Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. were Listed as Key Construction Projects in Jiangxi this year


(From Ganzhou Evening News)

    April, 12th, as learned from the Development and Reform Commission of Ganzhou, 40 projects in Ganzhou City have been listed into the first batch of the key construction projects in Jiangxi, out of which four projects are undertaken by “Three Nan” and two projects are undertaken by Rui-Xing-Yu Economic Revitalization Zone. These 40 projects cover multiple fields and industries, such as the road traffic, energy, industry and high-tech, forestry and water conservancy, services and social welfare.

    The 14 projects planned to be constructed and put into operation are as following, the Completion Project of Jiangxi Expressway Service Area (Xinfeng Service Area), Gan-shao Railway Jiangxi Section, the Hydroelectric Power Station of the China Power Investment Corporation, the Supporting Transmission Project of Gan-shao Railway, the Provincial Natural Gas Pipeline Network (second period), the Pipeline Project for Jiangxi Refined Oil by Sinopec (second period), the 850t/d Ultra White and Ultra Thin Photovoltaic Glass Project in Dingnan County of Jiangxi Ganyue Photovoltaic Glass Co., Ltd., the Hard Alloy and Deep Processing Project of Jiangxi Yaosheng Industrial Trade Co., Ltd. (First Period), the Silicon Carbide Ceramic Composite Material Processing Project of Chongyi Zhangyuan Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. (First Period), the Processing of 150,000 Tons of Paper for Daily Use Project of Ganzhou Huajin Paper Products Co., Ltd., the Technical Transformation of the Production Line of Daily Production of 4,800 tons of New Dry Process Cement Clinker Project of Jiangxi Wannianqing Yudu Company, the Technological Transformation Project of Gannan Cigarette Company of Jiangxi Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd., the Huangjin District of The First Affiliated Hospital of Gannan Medical University, the Infrastructure Construction of the North District of Ganzhou Hong Kong Industrial Park.

    Five projects are the continuous construction projects as following: Xunwu to Xinfeng Section of the Express from Xunwu to Quannan, the Capacity Expansion Project of Jiangxi Section of Ganlong Railway, the Internet Project of Jiangxi China Mobile, the Distribution Project of Ganzhou Integrated Logistics Park, and the Whole Development Project of Sanbai Mountain National Scenic Spot Area in Anyuan County.

    There are 18 planned newly-commenced projects as following, the Xingguo to Ganxian Section of Xingguo (Ningdu) to Ganxian Expressway, the Nanchang to Ningdu Expressway, the Pingshan Wind Power Station of the China Electricity Investment Company, the Jiulong Mountain Wind Power Station of Datang in Anyuan, the Red Capital Power Transmission Project in Ruijin, the Three Lines Pipeline Project of Natural Gas of Transmit the Natural Gas from the Western China to the Eastern China, the Annual Production of 1000 tons of Zirconium Sponge Main Products and 20 tons of Zirconium Sponge By-Products of the Xinneng Zirconium Industry Co., Ltd. in Longnan, the Human Stem Cells Products Project of Shenzhiyuan Stem Cell Technology (Ganzhou) Co., Ltd., the New Energy Power Generation Equipment Integration Project of Jiangxi Shenchuan Energy Investment Co., Ltd., the Rare Earth Resource Integration Project of Ganzhou Rare Earth Mining Company, the Ecological Economic Demonstration Investment Project of Ganjiangyuan, the Annual 100,000 Tons Production of Orange Juice and Concentrated Orange Juice Processing Project of GanzhouYuanshan Modern Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., the Infrastructure of Ganzhou Copper and Aluminum Industrial Park (First Period), the Upgrading National Development Zone Project in Ruijin Industrial Park, the Upgrading National Development Zone Project in Longnan Economic and Technological Development Zone, the Second Garbage Disposal Field in Ganzhou City, the Construction Project in Luohanyan Scenic District in Ruijin, the Educational Park in Anyuan. 

    There are 3 prepared projects as following, the Changjigan Passenger Line, the Railway Coal Transportation Jiangxi Section of the Railroad from Western Inner Mongolia to the Central China Area, and the Electricity Transformation Project from Fuzhou to the Red Capital.