ACHTECK R&D Introducttiong


    ACHTECK R&D department benefit of the very long, a strong experience and support of ZW group from Ore to WC powder to create and develop products in accordance with market demands.

    These new developments include powders (raw material), RTP and additives, substrates, new geometries designs, edge preparations, surface preparations, coating as well as surface post-treatments and all manufacturing steps among the manufacturing process of Tungsten Carbide Inserts and tool-holders for all technologies, Turning, Milling, Drilling, Grooving, Threading, Thread-Milling.


ACHTECK R&D project management structure is responsible for:

    1、Developing, optimizing and improving products, performances and technologies
    2、Designing and developing new products and processes in accordance with market and anticipate the future demands
    3、Develop and apply  new technologies
    4、Develop prototypes
    5、Provide solution to optimize  production by analyzing processes and identifying process conditions

    6、 New patents


ACHTECK R&D focus:
    1、Quality and consistency of the raw material, development of RTP
    2、Development of high quality and consistent substrates for all technologies
    3、Development of new geometries and new coatings
    4、Maintaining and building close contacts with customers, suppliers, universities and markets in order to translate trends and opportunities into new products or new technologies development

    5、Close collaboration with sales, purchasing, operations and marketing


ACHTECK R&D equipment:
    ACHTECK has all equipments required for a high technology and high quality tungsten carbide manufacturer, from chemical, metallurgical, mechanical analysis means. But also CAD-CAM, Conception, calculations, measurement, reverses engineering and simulation software’s.  ACHTECK testing centers has the latest and the most advanced technology and methodology.
    But ACHTECK R&D is at first a team made of high skilled and experienced individuals coming from various horizons working on the same target.